All new clients are assessed using a Nutrition/Fitness/Lifestyle “GPS” method so we can help you add to your current healthy habits. Setting specific, realistic goals helps you work toward sustainable weight loss success.  

Services Offered:

Weight loss and wellness coaching

Private in-home sessions

Phone coaching also available/Skype

Kitchen Makeovers – refrigerator and pantry

Supermarket Tours – healthy shopping lists

Culinary Skills – in home culinary class (with Supermarket Tour)

Mindful Eating

Heart Healthy

Nutrition Intake Analysis and Review

Meal Planning  


Recipes - modifications

Personal Training

Group Courses Currently Offered:

Salem High School: offers fall and spring cooking classes with a wide range of  topics and cuisines to choose from.

Check the website for current class listings: 

Then click Continuing Education, and click current brochure.

Or call the School of Continuing Education:  603-893-7074 for a current schedule and openings.

Lahey Clinic Medical Center: 41 Mall Rd., Burlington, MA

Cooking Up Good Health – a monthly class with seasonal culinary ideas .

Improve your health and waistline.

Check and click on the event calendar for an up to date list of classes and times.

For Corporate Clients (classes conducted on-site)

Slimsational Plates for a Healthy Weight – a weekly weight loss and wellness 


8-10 week programs               

Weekly workshop topics

Motivational group e-mails

Supermarket tours for the group

Cooking demos

Follow –up and maintenance classes

Lunch and Lose Classes:

30 minute lunch time weight loss class

Corporate Nutrition Wellness Seminars:

Weight Management

Dining Out on a Calorie Budget

Heart Healthy Nutrition Choices

Whole Grain Goodness

Healthy Cooking

Cook Slimsational for Weight Loss

$ave at the Supermarket – learn how to save calories, decrease cholesterol and


Call 603-426-5261 for prices and appointments.

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